New Home Prices Level Off in Calgary

2008-08-12 15:17:13

The Calgary Herald is reporting that new homes prices have leveled off in Calgary. In addition, the number of new homes being built has dropped almost 20% since the same time last year. This bodes well for potential buyers and deal-seekers in this major Canadian hub...

Canadian Housing Prices Dropping

2008-09-02 15:15:07

Canadian housing prices are dropping according to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). In July, prices fell 3.7% nationwide - the biggest drop in 16 years. This poses great opportunity for potential buyers and a tough situation for sellers...

Canada Isn't The Only Country in Real Estate Tumult

2008-09-02 16:05:50

Yes, it's true - Canada isn't the only country in real estate tumult . Obviously, it's well known that the US faces a severe real estate collapse, but what isn't known is that others countries such as New Zealand and the UK face a similar fate. Real estate developers overbuilt, while real estate buyers anxiously over-bought...
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